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Hareruya Tournament Center

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Exclusively specializing in Magic: the Gathering!
Boasting Japan’s largest playspace at 330 seats!
It’s none other than the Hareruya Tournament Center!
We host tournaments every day in just about every format, rain or shine, weekday, weekend, or holiday.
We even have a weekly beginners’ learning session every Wednesday and Friday!

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From casual rookies to decorated Hall of Famers, everyone can come here and enjoy Magic all day long.


Singles, booster packs, supplies, books, and on and on and on, you can order everything from our mail-order stock via our in-shop ordering PCs.

In addition, we have in-store, limited edition deals only available from our showcase!
From superb discounts on played singles, storage boxes, and playmats, to various supplies, and more, there is a ton you can only find right here, so please be sure to take a look!


We also buy cards in-store!
Not only singles and packs, but anything related to Magic is ok!
Perhaps you have some old sleeper cards that now command high prices!


We have a wide selection of food and drink available for sale in-store to grind on. And in your spare time while you wait for the next duel, we have a plethora of all-around handy Magic magazines, comic book volumes, and weekly comic anthologies to thumb through.

And we also have “Get Packers”. No need to line up at the cashier’s-just step on up and buy a ready-to-go draft set or some packs from sweet older expansions at your convenience.
Plus you just might pull a “Winning Ticket” pack from the machine for untold glory and riches!


2F,OC Bldg. 3-12-2 Takadanobaba Shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 169-0075
TEL:03-5332-7544 03-5332-7517(For questions about online shop) Open: 9:00am-11:00pm Online shop dial reception time:9:00~17:30

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