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(175)《ミジックスの熟達/Mizzix's Mastery》[OTC] 赤R
(175)《ミジックスの熟達/Mizzix's Mastery》[OTC] 赤R

■Card Description

Name Mizzix's Mastery
Color Red
Cost (3)(R)
Cardtype Sorcery
Rarity Rare
Oracle Exile target card that's an instant or sorcery from your graveyard. For each card exiled this way, copy it, and you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. Exile Mizzix's Mastery.
Overload {5}{Red}{Red}{Red} (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change "target" in its text to "each.")
Flavor Text
Expansion Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander
Illustrator Dan Murayama Scott

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