We sell cards in the following four types of conditions:

Near Mint(NM)

Slightly Played(SP)

Moderatory Played(MP)

Heavy Played(HP)

Condition Supplement

+It is slightly stronger than the corresponding condition, but not quite as strong as the next level above it (it is slightly inferior to the immediately higher level’s “-” distinction).
-It is slightly poorer than the corresponding condition, but not quite as poor as the next level below it (it is slightly superior to the immediately lower level’s “+” distinction).

For reference, this is how each of our shops discriminates between conditions.
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Near Mint(NM)

The card has slight scratches, scuffs, dings, etc. (including the very initial signs of wear).

※There may be slight white chipping visible on the back of the card’s corners.

※There might be slight rubbing or scuffing on the back of the card.

※Next to the text at bottom of the card, there may be a thin line

made from the factory production process known as a “seam,” in a yellow frame.

This is often seen in older foil cards, but it is not a scratch or dirt buildup.

Slightly Played(SP)

The card’s edge and front have some slight scratching, rub marks, dirt buildup, scuffing, etc.

※There are no noticeable scratches or dirt on the front,

but you can see some slight white chipping or scuffing on the back.

※There is the overall sense that the card has been used.

※There is slight rubbing evident on the front.

Moderatory Played(MP)

The card has some slight indentations, scuffing, and dirt build up.
It would not be suitable for use, even in an opaque sleeve, but it is fit for collection.

※From the card’s overall dirtiness and indentations,

it is clear to tell the card has been played without sleeves.

※It may have ring indentations from having been stored in a ringed binder.

Since ringed binders were often used in the early days,

many older cards have these kinds of indentations visible.

※There are a number of scratches on the front.

Heavy Played(HP)

The card is clearly scratched with noticeable dirt or grime buildup. Even with an opaque sleeve, this card could not be used in an official game.
If a card has any of the following characteristics, it is automatically, unconditionally classified under this ranking:

・The card has a major crease
・The card is torn
・The card has clear water damage
・The card has scribbling or other graffiti.

※The card’s overall feeling is that at a glance it is clearly in poor, damaged condition.

※There is considerable wear and scuffing from heavy rubbing.

Evident of plenty of riffle shuffling, the top may have cracks and similar damage.

※Where both sides of the frame may have lost their original coloring and turned white,

there may clearly have been attempted correction via felt-tip pen.

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