Commercial Transaction Law (Domestic Only)

Main Point of Sales

Hareruya Inc.

2F OC Building, 3-12-2 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to 169-0075

For mail-order only, telephone: 03-5332-7517

For all other business, telephone: 03-5332-7544

Fax: 03-5332-7545


Director of Sales

Futoshi Iwata

Additional Fees Beyond Purchase Price

Shipping: We use the national ¥180 flat rate.

※Please note that bank transfer fees are the customer’s responsibility.

Payment Period for Purchased Items

The deadline for orders placed at the Hareruya web store is at 3:00 PM JST on the seventh day after the date of your order.

If the due date falls on a financial institution holiday, the due date will be 3:00 PM JST on the next business day.

For example:

If the order is placed on April 1st, deadline will be at 3:00 PM JST on April 7th.

(If April 7th is a Sunday, deadline will be at 3:00 PM JST on April 8th.)

Please note that if no payment is confirmed in the deadline, your order will be canceled. If your payment will be delayed and needs time, please contact us before your payment period expires.

How to Order

Our shop uses a shopping cart purchase system. On each item’s product page, select the quantity you wish to purchase and place it into your shopping cart.

When you are satisfied with your cart’s contents, you can then place the final order.

※Please check that there are no errors in item quantities or customer information.

Item Delivery Time

If your order was confirmed before 3pm, it will be shipped the same day.

※Orders received after 3pm on weekdays, even after receiving payment, will be confirmed and shipped the next business day.

※Because it is not possible to confirm payments on weekends or holidays, we can only ship orders placed then via credit card, PayPal, or cash-on-delivery.

※Orders may be subject to some delay based on congestion.

Payment Methods

We accept payment via bank transfer, postal transfer, cash-on-delivery, credit card, convenience store service, and over-the-counter

Returns and Exchanges

If you receive items different from what you ordered, or if the items arrive clearly damaged, contact us within seven days to receive support.

However, if you use the Yu packet delivery service and items are damaged or lost in delivery, we cannot offer a refund or accept returns on those items.If you wish for a guarantee, please ship via You Pack .

Please contact us via our Inquiry form.

Returns Policy Important Notes

● If the items delivered are different from what was ordered, please alert us via the Inquiry form within seven days of receipt to receive support.

 ※We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage upon delivery via Yuu Packets.

● We assume the burden of return postage for defective products, but we do not accept responsibility for transportation accidents on returned items.

● After return delivery, we check the condition of returned items before sending any refunds or replacements.

● Please be sure to contact us before sending items for return. We cannot accept returned items without prior notice.

Additionally, returns cannot be made on customers’ terms.

● For a period of three months, we retain a person’s association with a returned item and may contact that person about that item during that time.

  Items stored past this window lose their association with the person who returned them and are treated as any other item.

● If you are scheduled to receive a refund for any reason, you will have two weeks to reply to our email notice. If there is no reply within the two weeks, the refund will lose its priority and be redeemable only via Hareruya Points.

Qualification and License

Tokyo Public Safety Commission Curio Dealer Permit Number: 304371206528

Price of Items

Our site strives to display the most accurate pricing information at all times, but if by chance an erroneous price has been posted online, we respond to the error as follows:

If the correct price of the item is higher than the displayed price, we will contact you with the actual price prior to shipping the order. Upon acknowledgement of this price, we will ask you once again to confirm the purchase or if you would prefer to cancel the order.