Important Notes about Returns Policy

● If the items delivered are different from what was ordered, please alert us via the Inquiry (Contact Us) form within seven days of receipt to receive support.

*We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage upon delivery via Yuu Packets.

● We assume the burden of return postage for defective products, but we do not accept responsibility for transportation accidents on returned items.

● After return delivery, we check the condition of returned items before sending any refunds or replacements.

● Please be sure to contact us before sending items for return. We cannot accept returned items without prior notice.

  Additionally, returns cannot be made on customers’ terms.

● For a period of three months, we retain a person’s association with a returned item and may contact that person about that item during that time.

  Items stored past this window lose their association with the person who returned them and are treated as any other item.

● If you are scheduled to receive a refund for any reason, you will have two weeks to reply to our email notice.

  If there is no reply within the two weeks, the refund will lose its priority and be redeemable only via Hareruya Points.