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MTGshop Hareruya Privacy Policy

In accordance with our User Policy we guarantee that your Personal information will be handled with the utmost care and shall only be used for It`s intended purpose.

By using our service (as herein defined), we recognize you agree to these terms and conditions. Please note we may make revisions to these Terms and Conditions from time to time and without notice. Your continued usage of this website constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. If you do not agree to the terms set forth below, do not use the Site.

1.In relation to your personal Information we hereby iterate the uses of your Full name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, Purchase History, E-mail address as written below.

●Sending itemized account, purchase statement, mail magazine and else.

●For delivery of goods & sending order verification mails

●After sales service(Including inquiries made by the customer)

●Other services required for buying our products.

●Information analysis(Analysing sales trends)

●Shipping of goods,sending catalogue and related services, Announcements for new products and services.

●To deliver information regarding our mail-order service, stores and events.

2.Except as otherwise described, your personal information will not be shared outside of Hareruya without your permission.

3.When storing personal information we will make clear the intents and purposes of storing it.

4.We will make sure to use your Personal information only for it's intended purposes.

5.We are strongly committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

6.When accessing any of your Personal Information it will be done so only under strict supervision.

7.In regards to your Personal information, we will not share it with a third party unless extraordinary circumstances apply.

8.All information gathered will only be shared with a third party incase of the following.

●When we've recieved your consent in sharing the information

●Companies whom we've entered into a confidentiality agreement with, such as credit card companies, banks, postal services,printing companies and other services.

●Affiliated companies will be entrusted with the necessary information only to such an extent that the service can be carried out.

●Incase of inquiries from credit card companies about Credit card fraud.

●If the law requires us to give up information regarding customers Personal information.

9.We will strive to have up-to-date and accurate information stored. We will strive to respond in a reasonable time in regards to requests for disclosure, Personal information changes and suspension of services.

10.Incase of Personal information becoming vulnerable due to outside circumstances such as hacking, we cannot accept any responsability nor liability for damages or leaks due to such circumstance.

11.Call Center pertaining to User Policy issues can be reached at: TEL:03-5332-7544

12.The User Policy is under constant review, so please check back regularly for changes made to it.