Route from Sendai Station

  • ①Departs from Sendai Station Central ticket gate.
  • ②Exit the ticket gate and turn the stained glass to the right.
  • ③Go out from 2F Exit.
  • ④After going out, go straight with PARCO on the right as a mark.
  • ⑤Turn left in front of PARCO.
  • ⑥Go straight ahead and go down the escalator in front of Kentucky.
  • ⑦Get off the escalator and go straight on the left "Happina nagakecho shopping street".
  • ⑧Cross the traffic light and go straight on "Chris Road Shopping Street".
  • ⑨Across the traffic light to "Marble Road Omachi Shopping Street".
  • ⑩Go to the 4F with elevator to the left towards KALDI !

Route from Hirose-dori Station

  • ①Depart from Hirose-dori Station ticket gate.
  • ②Exit the Hirose Street ticket gate and turn to the right.
  • ③Go straight down the underground passage to the west 3 exit.
  • ④Go up the stairs to West 3 exit.
  • ⑤Go straight toward "Marble Road Omachi Shopping Street".
  • ⑥Joined Route from Sendai Station 10 below.

Route from Aobadori-Ichibancho Station

  • ①Depart from Aoba Dori Ichibancho ticket gate.
  • ②Exit the ticket gate and take the exit to North 1 and 2 (long stairs continue).
  • ③After going out from the north exit 1, go straight to the right.
  • ④Go toward "Marble Road Omachi Shopping Street" on the right(Joined Route from Sendai Station 10 below).