Terms of Use

Welcome to Hareruya

This website is used for both online shopping and gathering information related to Magic: the Gathering. We would operate the website to provide safe and comfortable services to customers with our best effort. In order to avoid troubles, we ask for your understanding of Terms of Use below, and use of the website is only permitted in agreement on the terms.

1. Scope of Application

This Terms of Use are applied to everyone (users) who use the services Hareruya Inc. (We) provides, and users must be obligated to comply the terms. All our postings such as principles and notices that we declare to users are the parts of the terms, and users must be obligated to comply these too. If these declarations are inconsistent with the terms, the declarations are applied prior to the terms.

2. Use of Hareruya

Users must be obligated to read and understand the provisions of the terms as they start using Hareruya services. In addition to that, users shall also be obligated to confirm comments, questions, and messages that they submit, inquire, and send to us through our communication systems such as emails and BBS in advance.

3. About Posting / Comment

Users may post comments while complying of the terms. However, users posting in this way must have all responsibilities for contents they post, and we will never have the responsibilities for those. In case that conflict occurred between users and third parties by use of Hareruya, users must solve all the problems with their responsibilities and their own costs, and not cause any of our inconveniences nor any kind of losses or damages to this website. If users cause any loss or damage to us, we shall claim for compensation for the loss or damage against the relevant users.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

As for the copyrights of contents posted on Hareruya by users, the users shall be regarded as they authorize the rights (including reproduction, enabling public transmission, publishing, transmission, distribution, transfer, lending, translation, adaptation and editing) of the relevant submissions or posts to us, and we may use those contents non-exclusively without any fee inside Japan. Users must not duplicate nor use other user’s posts unless it’s permitted by this term, and shall not exercise the moral right of author towards the posts and comments. Also, users must not duplicate nor use any contents which Hareruya posts or shows on this website unless it’s for use of Hareruya. In addition to that, users must not duplicate, distribute, transmit, and use or upload any content to other websites or the like for the purpose of providing those to third parties.

The websites linked to this website are operated by the other administrators. As for use of contents posted on those websites, we don’t have any responsibility, but users have. Please use those websites with your understanding.

Magic: the Gathering is the trademark registration of Wizards of the Coast, LLC, and as for its logotypes, symbols, cards, and all rights related to Magic: the Gathering, Please ask Wizards of the Coast, LLC. All deck lists on this website are posted under the permissions of the original source websites. This website is not officially operated by Wizards of the Coast, LLC. All rights except previously mentioned ones belong to Hareruya Inc.

5. Handling of Personal Information

At Hareruya, we may ask users to provide their personal information to confirm their identifications and to improve our services.

Provided personal information is appropriately used, protected, and managed in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and the Principle of Protecting Personal Information enacted by us.

6. Prohibited Acts

In addition to the other prohibited terms, users are not allowed to do the following acts:

  • Spreading incorrect information intentionally.
  • Inviting / persuading posts related to specific associations, organizations, or movements such as religion and terrorism.
  • Spreading the identical information multiple times intentionally for the purpose of insisting oneself or harming others.
  • Hostile behaviors against public policy
  • Inducing criminal acts
  • Infringement of other user’s or third party’s intellectual property rights, property, reputation, and privacy.
  • Giving disadvantage to other users or third parties
  • Slander against other users or third parties
  • Any activity related to election, and acts in conflict with the Public Offices Election Act.
  • Acts having negative effects on minor.
  • Preventing operation of Hareruya, or damaging our reputation.
  • Transmitting harmful computer programs such as computer virus.
  • Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of contents in our emails and our website.
  • Any illegal act.
  • Other acts that we judge as inappropriate.

In case that users commit any of the above acts, or we judge that there is a risk that any of those acts is committed by specific users, we shall temporally suspend any or all rights for the users. In this case, we don’t have any responsibility for any loss or damage to the users caused by suspending the rights.

7. Deleting Posts / Comments

In the following cases, we shall delete comments, images, videos, voice data, and other digital data posted by specific users on Hareruya without any notification. However, this statement never means that we are obliged to have a responsibility to administrate all user’s acts:

  • The case we judge that the posted contents such as comments, images, and voice data violate this Terms of Use or other terms
  • The case the posted texts are garbled, and it’s regarded as unable to understand.
  • The case there are the same, duplicated posts.
  • The case there is a risk that the processing speed of displaying comments decrease significantly, or we concerned there may be heavy load for our server.
  • The case we received offers from other users or third parties to delete comments based on their decent reason or evidence.

8. Disclaimer

  • We shall make a modification to some parts of user’s post and comment if we judge those are inappropriate
  • We may conduct an investigation of user’s pots and comments, but we are not obliged to do it.
  • There is a possibility that any or all contents that users posted are lost when it is difficult, or unable to connect to this website, or when the services are incomplete or only partially provided. However, we don’t have any responsibility for the occurrence, and users doesn’t have any right to pursue for our responsibility for the relevant system failure.
  • In case that conflict occurred related to services we provide, we receiving complaint from users or third parties, the responsibilities for compensation for loss or damage found in the court, and we responded the compensation, we shall claim for all the expenses (including compensation, court costs, and legal fee) related to the relevant conflict.

9. Changes of System / Services, and Stop / Suspension / End of Operation

We shall change the user interface, system, and services of Hareruya without any advance notification to users. We shall temporally stop providing any or all of our services when any of the following events occurred. We will announce the effect to users in advance with our best effort. However, in an emergency, we will stop providing the services without any advance notification to users:

  • When maintenance of our services such as facilities or system is needed.
  • When we can’t provide our services due to infrastructure failure caused by power problem or a fire etc.
  • When we can’t provide our services due to inevitable forces such as natural disaster, war, and a riot.
  • When we can’t provide our services due to measures base on the law.
  • When we judged suspension of the services are necessary for operation or technical matters.

We shall stop operating Hareruya and any or all of our services by our own determination without any responsibility for explanation of the reason. In this case, we will announce that effect to users at least thirty days before the scheduled date of the end. After the end of operation of Hareruya, we shall delete posts, comments, and messages or the like stored in our server by our own determination. When the service change, or operation is suspended or end according to the procedure described in this chapter, we don’t have any responsibility for compensation for damages or losses to users caused by this event.

10. Revision and Modification of Term of Use

We shall revise and modify this term without any advance notification to users. In this case, revised or modified new term shall be prior to old one.

11. Governing Law / Jurisdiction by Consent

This term shall be governed by the laws of japan, and conflict between us and users shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction over the location of our company.

Date of enactment: April 22nd, 2015