How to use the Decklist Search

How to use the Decklist Search

1.How to use

You are able to access over 200,000 decklists from worldwide.

1.Please select a format to search.

2.If you are looking for past standard formats or block construction, please select Formats in Chronological Order.

3.If you are looking for a specific archetype, please click Select an Archetype. On the next page, you can select the format or colors to search the architype.

4.You can narrow the deck type by tournaments entering the date or the period of time.

5.You can narrow the list by searching by the player name.

6. You can narrow the list by searching with a specific card name.

7. You can narrow your list by searching with a specific event name.

2.Incorrect Decklist

If the listed decklist has mistakes, please send us the following information to this address,

・URL of the decklist
・Details of the mistake(Example: Underground Sea is written as Underground River)

3.About publishing and not publishing Decklists

We follow these terms when publishing your Decklist.

・Non-publishing decklists are accepted at Weekday and Weekend Tournaments (Example: 5 PM and 8 PM Hareruya Cup). If you would not like your decklist to be published, please request this when submitting your decklist.

・Events such as God of XFormat, The Last Sun, and qualifier events, whether the tournament is competitive or casual level, we do not accept non-publishing decklists. Your decklist may be used in our articles, decklist search and on our social media services.

・If you are attending an event that a Grand Prix that will be held inside Japan, a Pro Tour, or an upcoming World Magic Cup qualifier is within 1 week from the event, excluding our premium events, we will accept non-publishing decklists. Please write on your submitting decklist, Non-publish.

*Attending our events will automatically be seen agreed to these terms of our decklist policy.

*We will not answer any questions regarding non-publishing decklists.

If your decklist is already published though you would like to have it non-published, we accept these requests only from the player who submitted the decklist.
Please fill in the following and send an e-mail to

・URL of the decklist
・E-mail Address

4.Decklist Providers

We have decklists submitted by the following providers.
  • Wizards of the Coast様
  • mtg-jp様
  • bazaar of moxen様
  • Known Magician's Clan様
  • StarCityGames.com様
  • PWC-JP様
  • 岩手エレメンタルトーナメント様
  • Monthly Modern Masters様
  • The Last Sun協賛店舗各位様

We are always welcome to event organizers that may provide decklists.
If you would like to submit decklists, please contact us through this e-mail address