How to use the Article

How to use the Article

1.How To Use

At Hareruya, we have popular and talented writers who write Magic articles very often.

We have these kinds of articles

1. Column

Tactical articles, unique articles, story articles etc.

Our writers are full of very talented writers to writers who have experience writing articles for the official Magic website!

2. Coverage

We have coverage of large tournaments that run at the Hareruya Tournament Center Tokyo.

You can read the articles as you are at the site watching the game going on in front of you. We got deck techs as well!

3. Hareruya Pros Blog

You can only read the blogs of the members of the Hareruya Pros which is a team sponsored by Hareruya here.

We have Grand Prix reports, Pro Tour reports, and tactical deck techs written by the Hareruya Pros across the world!

4. Video

Lots of fun contents and news are brought to you from famous players. We also have some video coverage from tournaments at the Hareruya Tournament Center Tokyo and some archives from our NikoDou.

2.If you find any mistakes in our article

If you find any mistakes or need to be fixed information on Hareruya articles, please send the following information:

1. Name (Can be No Name)

2. Phone Number(if you do not want to write, it is no problem.)

3. Please state what is wrong or needs to be fixed precisely.

With the information above, please send an email to

3.Articles to be translated or shared

If you will be sharing or translating the article on the Hareruya website, please send:

1. Your name

2. Your phone number

3. Which article you want to share or translate URL

Please send an email with the written information to

We will deny the following:

・If any of our articles will be a target to lose trust or is to harm any activities run by Hareruya.

・If the linked page has Hareruya content as a part of their website. (frame link, etc.)

・When a part of an article, image, picture, advertisement, or any other content on our page has been removed.

・When Hareruya contents are used to earn money in way Hareruya does not intend.

・A part of an article shown that may become miss interpreted by others.

・When it is used so Hareruya is recommending any item or service.

・When Hareruya decides that it is not appropriate.

4.Column, coverage writer wanted

Hareruya is always looking for column and coverage article writers!

If you have any interest:

1. Your Name

2. Your Phone Number

3. Simple self-introduction

With the information above, please send an email to