Favorite Mana Color: Black. I love Grixis combination too.
Favorite Card: Arcbound Ravager. I can't deny, I love Affinity.
Favorite Format: Modern :D
Most Enjoyable Moment in Mtg: I love all the emotions you get to experience in a game. When you attach a Cranial Plating to an unexpected creature while attacking.

She is a Magic player from Mexico and a famous Twitch streamer in her region. She shows on Youtube and has combat videos, pack openings and Magic related contents to excite Magic from Mexico. She plays many games on her streams, including Magic. She also has a YouTube channel where she features combat videos, pack openings, and Magic related content! You can find her on Facebook and Instagram where she frequently communicates with her fans around the world!

Hareruya Girls -A New Challenge of Hareruya-

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