Hareruya Web Store is now able to use functions of MTG Arena!!

Hareruya Online Store has released many featured functions that can be used with "Magic: The Gathering Arena"!

How to use the Functions

1. To import a deck to "Magic: The Gathering Arena" from deck search.
Find a deck list you like and click the Arena button.
Import the deck list by using the deck list editing on MTG Arena and import the copied list.
Your deck list will be imported.

*Companion cards will not be able to copy by using this function. When using Companion cards, please directly edit your deck list.

2. To buy the whole deck using MTG Arena
Pick a deck list from MTG Arena and choose export.
In the text area of check deck price, paste the exported deck list and click Put in Cart.
You will be able to buy your whole deck! *Depending on stock, cards that are out of stock are not able to buy.
3. To Export your MTG Arena deck list to online deck list registration.
(This function is usable only at Hareruya stores and Hareruya organized tournanents.)
Choose your deck you want to use from MTG Arena and click Export.
Using Online deck list registration, click import and paste your copied deck list.
Click Submit Deck List and your deck list will be registered.

Hareruya will continue to support MTG Arena and Tabletop Magic!