• ■Event Location
    tournament center tokyo
  • ■Event
    Planeswalker Championship in Hareruya TC
  • ■Date
    2020/2/11 02:00 pm
  • ■Registration
    2020/2/11 01:00 pm ~ 2020/2/11 02:00 pm
  • ■Format
  • ■Capacity
  • ■Entry
  • ■Prizes
    Participants will receive a 100 yen single card coupon + 1 random promo card + 1 booster.
    Top 50 players will receive 《Pteramander》Promo, Top 8 players will receive 《Experimental Frenzy》Promo, Winner will receive 《Vraska, Golgari Queen》Promo.
  • ■General Information
    *Events are always on a first-come, first-served basis.
    *Capacity may change due to availability of seats in the store.
    *REL:Regular, PWP × 2 event.
    *Swiss rounds depending on the number of participants + Top8 single elimination. *Take an extra Free Mulligan in each round. *Qualifier round is Best of One (25-minute rounds), no use sideboard. *Playoff round is Best of One (no time limit), no use sideboard. *Late-Joining registration fee lowered to 500 JPY. Please register before the start of round 2(First round will be considered a no-show loss).