• ■Event Location
    tournament center tokyo
  • ■Event
    Jump Start(13)
  • ■Date
    2023/3/6 01:00 pm
  • ■Registration
    2023/3/6 12:30 pm ~ 2023/3/6 01:00 pm
  • ■Format
  • ■Capacity
  • ■Entry
  • ■Prizes
    Entry: 100 JPY coupon for single cards
    Winner of each match: 100 JPY coupon for single cards
  • ■General Information

    **English packs**
    Enlish version of packs are also avairable for this event.

    Please come to the event reception counter at the above registration time.

    **If this is your first tournament

    If you have Hareruya account and "Magic: The Gathering Companion" (smartphone app), your experience will be enhanced.
    You can create your HARERUYA account here.
    HARERUYA My-Page
    You can install "Magic: The Gathering Companion" here.
    MTG Official Page Then create an account for them. If you play MTG Arena, you can use the same account.
    *You can still participate if you don have these account.

    **Event Structure**
    Sealed deck event with x2 latest Jump Start booster.
    Deck construction time: None. Just shuffle 2x Jump start boosters. They are ready to go .
    2players: BO3 1round. 50min time limit.
    3players: BO1 round-robin. Each round has 20min time limit.
    4 or more players: BO1 3rounds. Each round has 20min time limit.
    You may use another deck each round purchacing new x2 Jump Start boosters.

    **Minimum Number of Participants**
    It will be held if the number of participants is 2 or more.

    **Late Entry**
    Until the start of the second round, you can join. You need to build the deck before the beginning of the second round. In this case, the first round will be lost by default. You may also have bye in the remaining rounds.

    **Dropping Event**
    You can leave at any time. You will not be able to rejoin.

    *Mandatory use of face mask.