• ■Event Location
    koriyama shop
  • ■Event
    Commander Night
  • ■Date
    2022/1/28 07:00 pm
  • ■Registration
    2022/1/28 06:30 pm ~ 2022/1/28 07:00 pm
  • ■Format
  • ■Capacity
  • ■Entry
  • ■Prizes
    Participation prize: Single card 100 yen discount ticket
    Winner of each round: Haruya points 1,000pt
    Excitement Happy Award: Latest Draft Booster 1 Pack
    Achieved 3 achievement card items: Latest Draft Booster 1 pack
    Achieved 6 achievement card items: Latest Set Booster 1 pack
  • ■General Information
    Participation is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
    The tournament will be completed with 3 or more participants.
    The first round will be held for up to 5 people, and the second round will be held for 6 or more people.

    Please check the official website for the results table.