• ■Event Location
    kichijoji shop
  • ■Event
    Let's 5!Legacy
  • ■Date
    2022/1/16 01:00 pm
  • ■Registration
    2022/1/16 12:30 pm ~ 2022/1/16 01:00 pm
  • ■Format
  • ■Capacity
  • ■Entry
  • ■Prizes
    5-0 players receive 5,000 Hareruya Points
    4-1 players receive 3,000 Hareruya Points
    3-2 players receive 1,000 Hareruya Points
    Participation Award:100 JPY single cards coupon
  • ■General Information
    Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Fires from 8 players.
    Please note that registration will be closed when the number of participants in the ongoing event reaches capacity.
    The maximum number of participants is the total number of players in the tournament held at the same time.
    There will be 5 rounds of confirmed Swiss Rounds.
    Late-Joining registration fee lowered to 300 JPY. Please register before the start of round 2(First round will be considered a no-show loss).