Kaldheim Prerelease At Home

  • ■Event Location
    nagoya shop
  • ■Event
    Kaldheim Prerelease At Home
  • ■Date
    2021/1/29 03:00 pm
  • ■Format
  • ■Capacity
  • ■Entry
  • ■Prizes

  • ■General Information
    Please proceed from the "Register" below.
    In the pre-release, we will give you the following products.
    ・Kaldheim Prerelease kit
    ・1 Draft Booster
    ・1 《Fiendish Duo》 Promo ver. (First-come-first-served basis in reserved player)

    Do not play match in this event.
    Please reserve as many events as you wish to reserve. (If you would like to reserve 1 product, please reserve 1 event; if you would like to reserve 4 products, please reserve 4 events.
    If you would like to buy 5 or more products, please call to Hareruya Nagoya(052-451-7855 ) . This product can only be picked up at Hareruya Nagoya. This is not online shopping
    You will need to enter the event code at 《MTG Companion》 to receive it. Please enter it when you come to the store.
    Click here for MTG Companion
  • Pre-registration Information

  • ■Pre-registration Period
    2021/1/15 03:00 pm ~ 2021/1/28 11:00 pm
  • ■Entry Fee (For Pre-registration)