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Directions to Hareruya-Narita

■From Major Stations

・JR Tokyo Station

Ride the JR Sobu Line Rapid (Towards Narita Airport) for about 80 minutes until Narita Station.

・JR Shinjuku Station

Ride the JR Sobu regular (Towards Tokyo/Chiba) for about 20 minutes until Asakusa Station.

At Asakusa Station, transfer to the Toei Asakusa line (Towards Narita Airport), and ride for about 60 minutes until Keisei Narita Station

Total travel time, including the transfer, is about 90 minutes.

・JR Takadanobaba Station

Take the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (Towards Nishi-Funabashi) for about 15 minutes until Nihonbashi Station.

At Nihonbashi Station, transfer to the Toei Asakusa Line (Towards Narita Airport) and ride for about 70 minutes until Kesei Narita Station.

Total travel time, including transfer, is about 90 minutes.

■From Major Airports

・Narita Airport

Ride the Keisei Line (Towards Keisei Ueno) for about 10 minutes until Keisei Narita Station.

Directions from the JR Sobu Line

Get off at Narita Station.

Please be sure to take the East Exit (東口), not the West Exit.

When exiting the ticket gate, walk in the direction indicated by the arrow, heading towards a tall, triangular, blue-and-white 『ようこそ成田へ』/”Welcome to Narita” sign with a dove logo atop it.

Pass the 『ようこそ成田へ』/“Welcome to Narita” sign and turn right at the Family Mart (ファミリーマート).

Please proceed along this road, facing a big black building on your right.

Directions from the Keisei Line

Get off at Keisei Narita Station.

Please be sure to take the East Exit (東口), not the West Exit.

Upon exiting from the East gate, pass in front of りそな銀行 (Resona Bank), a white building with blue signage.

Please turn left at the boulevard before a big, black building with a sidewalk staircase alongside it.

The Home Stretch

Please proceed along this road towards the big, black building’s sidewalk staircase.

Go through the big, black building with the big, red text-based 「サイゼリヤ」 Saizeriya sign, with the red, rectangular 「ちばぎん」(千葉銀行, Chiba Bank) sign above it.

Proceed along this road for a bit more, with a small, black building followed by tall, white buildings ahead.

Pass the white building with the small, red 「東京電力」TEPCO sign on your left…

…and once past the 「成田駅前郵便局」Narita Post Office building with the bright, red post box on your right…

Turn right down the road, passing before the Narita City Workers’ Hall 「成田市勤労会館」.

…and welcome to Hareruya-Narita!!