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GP Shizuoka 2017 (Fall) Pre-registration

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GP Shizuoka 2017 (Fall) Pre-registration


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Preregistration for the Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 (Fall) main event held on 9/30 (Sat) and 10/1 (Sun)

To start your preregistration for GP Shizuoka please put the preregistration item in your cart and proceed to checkout.

Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 (Fall) Event Page

■Important Notice:■
・Preregistration can only be paid for by Credit Card.
During checkout please select EMS as your delivery method.
In addition, please write down the Name and DCI-Number of all 3 players on your team in order of A-Z
A:Alex Anderson 1234567890
B:Brock Samson 1234567890
C:John Johnson 1234567890

※Please select EMS as your delivery method.
※The preregistration system wrongfully says points will be added to your account, but in reality your account will not get any points added. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
※Incase you did not write player names in A-C order, they will still be listed in A-C order.

・At the venue all participants in the main event will receive a Foil Promo Progenitus, a Playmat & a set of Original Supplies.

The account used to purchase the preregistration must be registered to one of the 3 players on a team.
Multiple preregistration orders from the same account or orders made by an account not owned by one of the participants will be canceled.

・Changing your preregistered information or cancelling is only available until 9/15 (Fri)
3:00pm JST. Any surcharges related to cancellation fees will be the customers responsibility. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

・An automated e-mail response will be sent out after you checkout.
The Name and DCI-Number of your team will later be viewable if you access our list of preregistered players.

・Players on the team will have the final 3 digits of their DCI-Number and their Name displayed on the preregistration list.

・Should you have any questions regarding the registration, please only contact us through the account used to register for the event.

【Consent Release Form】
・By finishing the preregistration you are also consenting to our consent release form as shown
◆For Players Under the age of 18
Please bring with you a consent release form signed by a legal guardian to the Judge Area before the main event starts.

9/11(Mon) 7:00pm JST ~ 9/27(Wed) 3:00pm JST