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【ENG】 《Time Vault》[LEA] NM- #800茶R

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【ENG】 《Time Vault》[LEA] NM- #800茶R
【ENG】 《Time Vault》[LEA] NM- #800茶R
【ENG】 《Time Vault》[LEA] NM- #800茶R

【ENG】 《Time Vault》[LEA] NM- #800茶R


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■Card Description

Color Colorless
Cost (2)
Cardtype Artifact
Rarity Rare
Oracle Time Vault enters the battlefield tapped.
Time Vault doesn't untap during your untap step.
If you would begin your turn while Time Vault is tapped, you may skip that turn instead. If you do, untap Time Vault.
{Tap}: Take an extra turn after this one.
Flavor Text
Expansion Limited Edition Alpha
Block Core Sets
Illustrator Mark Tedin