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「1ケース(180個入り)」KMC 晴れる屋オリジナルスリーブ Lot.4 50枚入り

「180packs/1case」KMC Hareruya Original Sleeve Lot.4 50PCS.

50,000 JPY
【Product Overview】

Large scale order (180 packs) ofKMC Hareruya Original Sleeve Lot.4 50 PCS.
Shipped in a cardboard box.
High quality sleeves made for Hareruya in collaboration with the one and only KMC!
Protect even your most important cards with confidence in these durable, matte-finish sleeves, gorgeous to the touch.
Sleeve packs will have a black sticker on the back to identify them as third print run sleeves.

※In some rare cases double-faced cards may be visible through the sleeves, please exercise caution when using double-faced cards with the sleeves.

About 91mm x 66mm
※Sleeves in some packs may have slight size inconsistencies.

180 Packs
1 Pack countains 50 Sleeves

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