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Message from the President

Message from the President

~Make magic more happy!~

Thank you for visiting Hareruya website. Our company is in the retail industry specializing in the trading card game "Magic: the Gathering".

"Magic: the Gathering" also commonly refered to as "Magic",with a history of over 25 years it is not just any game. It is an intellectual sport, it also serves to connect people across borders, all across the world. I was raised by this game and have also grown along with it. I am not alone in this sentiment and as such at our company many like-minded individuals have come together.

I started this business as an individual with the help of many a friends, thanks to the help I recieved currently. [Hareruya] has grown to be one of the biggest Mail-order sites in Japan. We now currently have a 300 seat playspace where everyone can enjoy Magic together at the same time, [Hareruya Tournament Center] is the biggest of it's kind to operate in Japan, and one of the biggest in the world.

Here at Hareruya we all truly love Magic from the bottom of our hearts. We do not only enjoy Magic for the sake of our own enjoyment, we seek to expand and foster a fun and friendly environment for Magic. We want more people to know the fun that is Magic, we want more people to get in touch with it. We hope for Magic to become an ever more enjoyable game. That thought permeates throughout our company Hareruya.

From here onwards Hareruya will continue to strive to make everyone who likes Magic happy.

We dream big and hope for "The world to be united with Magic"!

We hope for your continued Enjoyment of both Hareruya services, and the Magic game!

President & CEO

Tomoharu Saito