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About the Hareruya Pros

The Hareruya Pros team was created by former Players of the Year, Tomoharu Saito and Kenji Tsumura in April 2014.
Japanese players were regularly opting out of playing in teams, and by paving the way
they helped raise awareness for how important teams currently are for excelling at the game.

They continue to work hard both as individual players and as ambassadors for Magic.
Later they were joined by many great players such as Pro Tour: Kaladesh winner Shota Yasooka,
Platinum & Gold Pros from Europe & Japan to help push the Hareruya Pros in reaching further greatness.

The Hareruya Pros goal is to help make the Magic community fun & exciting to be a part of!
The players themselves are not only pushing to improve themselves, but also continue to offer entertaining and informative
insights into the game by writing articles, making video content and more.

With each new powerhouse player they add to their roster, they further press on together as a team towards their goals at full speed!
Hareruya and the Hareruya Pros hope to have your support along the way!

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34 people from 26 countries join Hareruya Hopes all at once!!

About the Hareruya Hopes

At Hareruya, one of our goals was always to help the next generation of Magic players reach their potential.

So in January 2017 we created "Hareruya Hopes".

The name was decided on after crowdsourcing suggestions from our Community & Twitter.

The members are gathered under this banner to practice and improve themselves, as they strive towards their goal of becoming the new generation of pro players.

Keep these talented new Japanese supernovas in mind, because in a future not too far away these players will surely have proven themselves even on the International stage.