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Campaign Period

July 6th, 2018 - July 13th, 2018

Campaign Details

Hareruya Pros and Hareruya Hopes took down Grand Prix Barcelona!
Matti Kuisma from the Hareruya Hopes won Grand Prix Barcelona 2018, Louis-Samuel Deltour comes in 2nd, Javier Dominguez from the Hareruya Pros in 3rd place dominating the top 3!
To show our appreciation for your support and to celebrate their success, we have decided to have a celebration campaign!

During the campaign period, for every 1000JPY purchase on the Hareruya Web store or at any Hareruya stores, you will enter this campaign to win Hareruya Points!
30 randomly picked customers will win 10,000 Hareruya Points making a total of 300,000 Hareruya Points giveaway!

You will enter for each 1000 JPY so mass purchases will increase your chance to win!

We also have a hot Super Summer Sale going on!
Buy lots and win Hareruya Points!

Winners of the campaign

Order ID or account number Name Order ID or account number Name
EC180706-0345247768 A.T EC180707-0353503345 K.H
EC180707-0355705574 T.T EC180707-0356506302 T.Y
EC180707-0356806644 I.A EC180707-0357106927 M.N
EC180707-0381130976 T.T EC180707-0401251095 G.B
EC180709-0491935213 S.K EC180710-0516000438 S.T
EC180710-0554939322 S.K EC180711-0601832183 F.H
EC180711-0612542879 M.K EC180712-0646214825 K.K
EC180712-0650619207 N.R EC180712-0658427084 I.T
EC180712-0675744343 K.Y EC180713-0681001383 H.K
EC180713-0694414745 M.S EC180713-0732953214 H.S
11335 S.K 13909 K.Y
8410 K.R 3407 H.R
13927 T.M 12199 T.H
4977 Y.K 7272 F.Y
16610 K.M EC180425-1321443438 K.S
EC180404-0199349990 M.Y 21518 H.N